Deep, Deep Sleep

The last few nights I have been experiencing something I have not encountered in years, perhaps decades. When I wake and have to go to the bathroom, I can’t make myself get up because I am so sleepy. This is that really heavy sleepy feeling that we used to have when we were kids and our parents were trying to wake us so that we could go to school. It is that, “I can’t get awake,” feeling. This seems to be part of the natural progression of returning to a healthy sleep routine after practicing the Transition Trek for over a year. I suspect it has come about as a result of reestablishing the hardcore sleep propensity curve (Figure 1-1 of In Pursuit of Sleep). I am beginning to understand that it is possible to return to sleeping like a young person, with all the really good feelings, even after decades of insomnia, simply by using the Transition Trek consistently, night after night.

This may also indicate that solving the insomnia problem leads to much deeper sleep, which, if this article is correct, means that it reduces your chances of getting Alzheimer’s. Lots of good things happen when we sleep like we are supposed to.