Adele on Insomnia

In this interview with Adele in the New York Times titled, “Adele on Love, Fame, Ego and ‘25’”, Adele says the following:

“I have trouble sleeping. When the lights go out and I’m left to my own mind, my mind goes to the worst places ever. When I’m left with my thoughts and my thoughts only, the smallest thing evolves into the biggest thing, so I get quite worried. So I go to bed when I’m tired, when I need to fall asleep. Otherwise I can make the biggest deal out of the tiniest thing. It’s like a fear of being left on my own in the dark.”

This is quite descriptive of the problem so many of us have getting to sleep. But after you read In Pursuit of Sleep you will no longer be left alone with your insomnia. You’ll have a method of getting rid of it by pursuing sleep instead of letting your mind “make the biggest deal out of the tiniest thing.” You will no longer be on your own.