Sleep’s Mythic World

The Ancient Greeks had an entire mythology of the sleep world. They personified many aspects of that dark landscape, which helps us understand some of its most important characteristics.

Psyche: The soul. This is you. Your consciousness as it exists within the Psychic World (the Collective Unconscious).

Nyx: The personification of night and mother of Hypnos. Nyx stood at the beginning of creation. She now resides in a cave where she gives oracles.

Hypnos: He is the personification of sleep.

Thanatos: The personification of death and brother of Hypnos.

Erebus: The personification of darkness.

The Tribe of Oneiroi: The personification of dreams. All are brothers of Hypnos.

“In Pursuit of Sleep” uses Sleep’s Mythic World in the later stages of the Transition Trek to help you get to sleep. See Chapter 6 Chasing Hypnos. Chapter 8 When Sleep Means Death has even more information on the dark mythic world designed specifically for those who fear that they will die if they go to sleep.