Establishment Adopting the Transition Trek?

(Excerpt of article from NPR website. 12/21/2022.)

I believe that anyone who has read In Pursuit of Sleep would recognize the advice by Allison Harvey above as having been influenced by my little book. Perhaps not. But it would sure be a coincidence if it wasn’t. On Page xi of that book I refer to how ineffective counting sheep is. Then, in “Chapter 4: Charging the Gates of Slumberland”, I provide a method of developing an imaginary Transition Trek to get you to sleep. Harvey suggests a pleasant walk you’ve taken before, “like a hike in the woods…”. This is excellent advice and is close to what I recommend.

Perhaps Harvey has never read my book. The fact is that she has provided a lot of help in just a few simple words where it took me four chapters to get there. Regardless of the influence, Allison Harvey is on the right track. Good for her.